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If you are looking for auricular acupuncture in McKinney TX, we can help.

Auricular (Ear) Therapy Treatment in McKinney TX

The most common use of Auricular acupuncture is for weight loss, smoking cessation, and addiction. This type of therapy involves stimulation of the acupoints on the ear with seeds or pellets which are tiny, painless when affixed, and do not pierce the skin. The seeds can be left in place for up to a week and can re-stimulate the points by massaging the ear a few times each day.

Anatomical functions and parts of the body are represented by over 200 acupoints on each ear and these points are arranged on the ear in the shape of an inverted fetus. A highly skilled practitioner can diagnose and treat a huge range of disorders using only the ear by noting coloration changes, depressions or protrusions, skin variations, and points of tenderness. When these points are stimulated they give access to the central nervous system via the cranial nerves on the auricle of the ear, this, in turn, sends a direct message to the brain which promotes a healing response.

If you are looking for auricular acupuncture treatment, please contact our team at Wellness in Motion Chiropractic in McKinney TX today and we will be more than happy to help you understand your options.

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